Thursday, July 1, 2010

enough please~

"boy attract to girl.. girl attract to boy.."
"boy loves to be friend wit a girl, and girl love either"
this is a normal situation in our life..

here, i just want to say that, "please stop messaging"

is ok if you still want to do that..
but why should you lie me?
lie to me to keep messanging with your friend?
lie to make to safe our relationship?
or, lie to me because don't want make me hurt?

if u lie to me bacause of..
love our relationship..
and, dont want make me hurt..

thanks a lot from me..
i trust you..
i know u loyal 2 me..
and also faithful with our relationship..


please.. stop messaging.. stop.. and stop..

stop replying and waiting the message~
stop.. i bag you..

just focus and be serious with our relationship..
and.. may ALLAH bless our relationship..

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