Thursday, December 29, 2011

S.. T.. R.. E.. S.. S..

S.. T... R.. E.. S.. S...

i'm so stress... can i stop continue my study??
can i?? can i???
i wish i can.. but of course can't..

i try my best to my future..
but i know who i am..
i'm not a clever girl..
i'm not such a clever person as other..

what i'm stress of:

1) stress wit the schedule of final exam..
is too pad oke!! how can i study all the subject for 1 week??
think about it.. [fyi, i'm not clever oke..]

2) the environment..
i) friends
they are intelligent.. they are too struggle then it make me stress and scare..
ii) topic
too much topic that i need to study!! so tension!! [i'm not a reader, reading is not my favorite]
iii) me
i can't motivate myself.. i always think that i can't do that.. because u to weak!!

i do not know how to solve this problem...
the stress make me don.t have any mood to study..
but my final exam is around the corner!!!

can i do this?? this is really tuft to me~

can this help me to release tension?

[p/s: please ALLAH i bag u.. please give a strength to face this..]

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