Sunday, September 30, 2012

bufday gurl yaaww~

happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday happy birthday..
happy birthday to me~~~

on 22 september 2012, saturday..
so 21st turnning to ---> 22nd years old..
sweet whatt~~ hahaha..

first skali, thanks to my family.. thanks celebrate my bufday at sR.. [terus me oder kek yg mhal gittuu~] btw, izara sofia(my ank buah yg tomey) oso celebrate oke.. hehehe..

my daddy and mamy! ^__^

sistaa! love you alls~

wit my cute lil pumpkin

then, thanks to him coz snggop call me awl2 sbb nk tnggu kul 12 and sing a birthday song to me.. how sweet you are.. ^__^

oso thanks to my dear friend coz snggop nk bwat suprise but x menjadi. sory korang.. but i really appreciate it so much.. tq friends!! ^___^

and thanks to facebook fwens yg wish.. a big big big thank you to all of you.. rase2nye me dh reply semua yg kowang wishkn too.. tq yaawww~

 lastly, (cam essay la plak kn) thanks again to all that make my day so wonderful.. thank you so much.. especially, thanks to ALLAH coz pnjngkn umur me until 22nd years old.. tq.

[p/s: no ideas la mahu borak2 ape.. next time k.. c u later!!]

is mine~

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