Wednesday, October 17, 2012

nobody perfect

as we know that nobody perfect in this world..
include me.. is hard to be a perfect person..
but i'm trying to be the best person to everyone..

i always make a mistake.. how about you?
but the mistake make us grownup..
"keep trying and trying"
we always heard that statement..
because we are not perfect, that's why we should trying to be the best..

"don't give up" "fight! fight!" "gambate"
that all statements give us spirit to keep trying..
so, what we need to do is.....
"don't give up and keep trying for our best"

so don't think that we are weak..
everyone have their own specialties and weakness..
so appreciate yourself, just be yourself..
Allah is lawful..

for me..
too much longer journey that we need to face..
just follow the step.. insyallah, we can achieve greatness..
so good luck everyone!! ^__^

[p/s: wanna further my study in master after i finish my study in bachelor.. insyallah, amiinn.. ^__^]

is mine~

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